House Shifting Tips: Ensure a Stress-Free Move in India

Changes are more important for everyone in India and wait the expectations of moving. The work that goes from one room to be threatened, require plans at meetings. From arranging your current residence to planning your packing to organizing the trip, this process requires careful consideration and is often stressful.

Tips for moving to India

Here is a list of moving tips you can follow to ensure a stress-free and stress-free move. What are you going to do?

Here’s an inspiring checklist to help you get started:

  1. Please keep your money/jewellery/valuables in your safe. 2. Please ensure you have permission for the vehicle to enter the company/road in front of the house shifting in chandigrh, otherwise you may have to pay additional labor charges. 3. Gold movers act as a link between the customer and the mover. We recommend that you express any concerns about the delivery of your item, if any, at the time of delivery itself.
  2. We recommend that you opt for relocation insurance from Gold Movers (provided by IffcoTokio).
  3. Please refer to your product packaging details and their limits, which are mentioned in the confirmation email.
  4. Take a moving photo of your merchandise (for shipping reference at your destination).
  5. Please contact the move partner on the day of the move to arrange a pre-arrival time at the specified location. Local traffic may affect the exact time (details distributed by confirmation email). However, contact the gold movers if there is any difficulty.

What do you want to know

  1. Delivery of goods by cable is the sole right of the customer. Any concerns during or after the event should be reported to a member of the movement team immediately.
  2. The packaging is the property of the moving partner and must be returned on the same day of loading.
  3. Please ensure you receive the truck receipt (LR/Builty) upon delivery in case you need to get insurance later.
  4. The amount stated in this offer depends on various factors and is therefore kept open in the future. The price shown in the deposit can change if the travel date / product / distance is changed after payment confirmation. A revised quote will be given based on price changes, if necessary.
  5. Payment must be made to the movement partner (details in the confirmation email).
  6. The calculation of the wind speed and termination fee is only the service fee, and what (if any) needs to be purchased separately, which does not include the issue. What happens on the day of delivery

On moving day, the team of movers and movers will arrive at the promised time. Often times, packing and moving companies will give you advance notice of their arrival so that you can plan your move. car shifting Chandigarh Next to the driver, there will be a team of supervisors who will be your first point of contact.

The moving company will create a written packing list to ensure that all goods arrive in the correct way. Each item will be assigned a serial number. The inventory will be reviewed between you, the customer to ensure it is a good fit. Next, the team will categorize the items and pack them into boxes. Some items will be covered in bubble wrap to ensure safety during movement.

After that, each carton and box will be moved to the car in different order. Movers must have procedures for loading and unloading furniture and ensuring that space is used. After checking if all the goods have been loaded in the vehicle, the movers will take them to their destination.

You will be notified of the invoice and estimated delivery date. Read this document carefully before signing it. Make sure you agree with everything in the document. Our package and forwarder services allow you to get multiple quotes from our trusted suppliers all in one place. You no longer need to make hundreds of calls or search for hundreds of recommendations or reviews. When you choose us, you know your journey will be smooth and hassle-free thanks to our hand-picked team of experts. Click below to learn more.Best