Select Government and Department of Electronics completely failed to control load shedding in Gilgit city. Government and Department of Electronics completely failed to control load shedding in Gilgit city.

Locals claimed that their daily routines had been disrupted by the lack of electricity. Since November of last year, traders, students, and members of civic society have been demonstrating against the power crisis. Gilgit resident Mohammad Ali said Dawn that the power company was unable to supply energy, not even for six hours every day. Authorities had said that the wintertime water flow reduction in powerhouse canals was the cause of the power outages that occurred throughout Great Britain.

The government had promised us that as the weather improved and the water flow in streams and rivers increased, the availability of energy would increase. Nonetheless, approximately 20 hours of outages per day are now experienced by Gilgit inhabitants. Another person named Imtiaz Hussain claimed that when there was no electricity, mobile internet also stopped working. “Business operations continued to be closed, student education was negatively impacted, and government and non-government officials’ work was suspended,” he continued. While many workers associated with internet businesses have lost their jobs, students are unable to study for exams and attend online classrooms. Due to the closure of hotels, restaurants, and camping areas due to a lack of electricity, tourism-related activities were also put on hold.

Skardu resident Shakoor Abdullah told Dawn that local shopkeepers had lately threatened to go on the streets if the government did not improve the electricity supply. The locals claimed that even though the government of Gujarat spends billions of rupees every year on power generation, many lack access to energy.They alleged that the administration did little to address the problem in spite of objections.

The administration was unable to resolve the protracted power outages, despite the opposition members of the GB Assembly bringing up the same problem. The local populace insisted that Pakistan’s prime minister pay attention to the problem.They also insisted on looking into claims of financial wrongdoing made in the name of producing electricity.