Health Benefits of Rice Flour and Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to avoid gluten in your daily food but don’t know which food items are best for your health? Very popular in Delhi, Japan, and other Asian countries, Organic Rice Flour is an alternative, gluten-free option that you can add to your daily diet. In addition to being a possible version for celiacs and gluten intolerants, it can benefit your health. Made from milling rice, this flour is more viscous than others, in addition to being rich in B vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Furthermore, it is a good source of fibre and protein.

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In this post, we are going to delve into its world: its properties, nutritional value, and benefits of eating this daily so that you can put everything you have learned into practice.

Properties of Organic Rice Flour

Rice flour has exceptional qualities. But, logically, these will depend in part on what type of grain is used for grinding. Among its benefits, we can highlight that: 

  • It is rich in fibre, especially brown rice flour, which contains all the bran. 
  • Regulates cholesterol due to its choline content, which contributes to the transport of cholesterol and triglycerides from the liver. 
  • Reduces blood pressure due to its low sodium content. 
  • It offers great digestion with great astringent power, so it can be useful in cases of digestive problems. 
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels. 
  • It provides a good dose of manganese, calcium, and zinc, which help strengthen bones and the immune system. 
  • It also highlights its content of vitamin D, group B vitamins, and iron. 
  • It is a good source of carbohydrates, especially whole grains. And, therefore, it gives us energy. It is especially interesting to promote physical or intellectual performance. 
  • Its fat content is very low. 
  • Its vegetable proteins are of very high quality and easily absorbed. For this reason, rice protein powder is usually found on the market. 
  • Source of proteins and B vitamins, rice flour helps keep muscles healthy and strong. For those who want to gain lean mass, adding it is a good idea.
  • Due to the amount of fibre, flour promotes a greater feeling of satiety. Therefore, avoid excesses when eating. Furthermore, by combating constipation, it also combats abdominal bloating.

Therefore, this is one of the important products that everyone must include in their daily routine. So, if you are searching for the best Organic Rice Flour in Gurgaon, Earthy Tales got you covered. Our objective is to provide quality, organic products when possible at the best price. In addition, we also support those who are starting this transition, as well as all those who want to know how to go about becoming a part-time or full-time raw foodist. Our goal is to allow everyone to introduce more organic foods into their diet, more living things, and more plants.

How is Rice Flour Used?

Rice flour is traditionally used to make gluten-free breads, mochi, oriental noodles, doughs, and cookies. It can also be used to thicken broths and sauces, as it provides a very fine texture. It is also very suitable in tempuras and batters because it provides a crunchy texture when fried and absorbs very little oil. Due to its neutral flavor, rice flour combines perfectly with all kinds of ingredients, both sweet and salty. It can be used in combination with subtle or intense foods and in baking.  

What Foods Can we Make with Rice Flour?

With organic rice flour, you can make various types of cookies, biscuits, sweets, breads, sauce thickeners, etc. Along with these, you can cook many items with rice flour. 

How to Make a Gluten-Free Recipe with Rice Flour?

Making a successful gluten-free recipe involves several aspects, but to simplify, if you have a recipe with wheat flour and you want to make it gluten-free, you can generally use a mixture of 90% rice flour and 10% corn-starch.

For example, if the original recipe calls for 150g of wheat flour, you can use 135g of organic rice flour and 15g of corn starch. You can also use other starchy ingredients, such as tapioca or potato starch, to make the mixture smooth and bound.

However, using starch is not always necessary in all gluten-free recipes. For example, in our banana bread recipe available in our stores, we use a mixture of rice flour and coconut flour, which gives a unique texture and taste without the need to add starch. 

Therefore, order Organic Rice Flour in Gurgaon today and make delicious items for you. Along with this, you can also make various kinds of food with our Traditional Chakki atta Gurgaon such as chapatis, parathas, tandoori rotis, and puris. 

Why Choose Earthy Tales to Order Organic Food Items?

We, the Earthy Tales, pay particular attention to ensuring that our activity has as little environmental impact as possible. From the mode of transport to product packaging, our choices are guided by respect for the environment. We nevertheless strive to improve our processes and are receptive to constructive criticism. 

This is why we are one of the leading online organic food stores in Delhi. To save our customers money, we specialize in organic and ethical foods and superfoods dehydrated at low temperatures and sold without the use of intermediaries in their rawest form, with the least amount of processing.

Now, you have a basic idea about the benefits of incorporating these organic items into your daily routine. Therefore, select us as your delivery partner and get the best-quality dishes at an affordable price. 

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