How Long Does A Dental Crown/Cap Last?

Has your dentist suggested a dental crown implant? You might have questions about the lifespan of the implants. Dental crowns crafted from durable materials can last longer. Well, that sounds like a perfect choice for correcting your dental imperfections for a long time. On the contrary, dental crowns do not stick around for a lifetime. 

Dental crowns require special attention, and you must always be aware of any problems that might arise with the implants. Let us explore some valuable insights on dental crowns. Find whether your new dental crowns or caps can stand the test of time. 

What Do People Use Dental Crowns or Caps?

Your smile is your most valuable asset. No one should risk losing their beautiful smile to broken teeth. Dental crowns help you hide these dental imperfections and protect your teeth.

You can use dental crowns to,

  • Hold your dental bridges in place.
  • Strengthen weak and decaying teeth.
  • Protect cracked or broken teeth from damage.
  • Conceal heavily discolored or stained teeth.
  • Restore broken or worn-down teeth.
  • Complete the look of dental implants.
  • Safeguard teeth after root canal therapy.

Common Materials Used to Make Dental Crowns 

The answer to such questions might lead you to different options. Which material would be the best choice when you want a dental crown? The distinctive properties of each material and the reasons for using them to make dental crowns can give you the best answer. 

  • Metal Crowns

Metal crowns are the most durable option among the different types of dental crowns. Metals are known for their durability, ensuring that metal crowns are less vulnerable to damage. 

  • Ceramic Crowns 

Ceramic crowns are also stronger alternatives among dental crowns that you can trust for durability. However, you should choose tougher materials such as zirconium dioxide to ensure that you get more strength than regular ceramic crowns.

  • Lithium Disilicate Crowns

Lithium disilicate crowns stand out as the premium picks among dental crowns. They have a unique composition of lithium and silicon to achieve enhanced durability. You can also find customised lithium disilicate crowns, and dentists can complete the dental crown implant in one session. 

  • Resin Crowns

Resin seems like a cost-effective material for making dental crowns. On the other hand, resin dental crowns fail when it comes to strength. Therefore, they are used only for making temporary crowns. 

Measuring the Lifespan of Dental Crowns with Important Factors

The curiosity regarding the lifespan of dental crowns still remains in suspense. You can find the perfect answer to such doubts by understanding the importance of the following factors. 

  • Material and Quality of Crowns

Stronger materials, such as metals, have a longer lifespan as they can endure continuous wear and tear. The manufacturing standards of dental crowns also help you find out more about their quality. 

  • Dental Health 

Healthy teeth with good gums and strong roots can also ensure that your dental crowns would last longer. 

  • Skill of Dentist 

Professional dentists with expertise in dental crown implants can ensure a longer life for your dental crowns. By following the important steps to prepare for dental crown implants, professional dentists make sure that you can preserve your smile.

  • Damaging Habits 

Damaging habits can also negatively affect the lifespan of dental crowns or caps. Common examples of damaging habits in everyday life include opening bottles with teeth and biting on hard objects.

Get a Dental Crown at the Best Time 

You can choose dental crowns as a solution to protect your teeth or bring back your beautiful smile. However, dental crowns may give in to the flow of time and crack or get damaged due to unexpected reasons. Therefore, it is important to note the signs that indicate that you should replace your dental crown immediately. 

  • Discoloured Tooth 

Dental crowns can lead to the accumulation of tartar and plaque, which makes your teeth look grey or yellow. Certain foods can lead to heavy staining of composite materials used in dental crowns that can affect your smile.

  • Receding Gums

Receding gums also offer a clear sign to replace your dental crown. You are likely to have receding gums due to an active gum disease or any type of oral infection. Receding gums make your teeth vulnerable to decay and infection. Get a new dental crown replacement immediately if your receding gums expose the underlying tooth.

  • Pain and swelling

Pain and swelling in your teeth can also be a convincing sign to replace your dental crowns. Loose dental crowns can lead to irritation of gums and inflammation. In the event of any type of decay under the crown, you can experience pain or swelling. 

Final Words

Getting a dental crown implant might be the most important decision for your dental health. You must go for professional dentists and pick the right materials to achieve the best results. However, you must be careful when choosing a dentist for a dental crown by accounting for different factors. For example, you must check the reputation of the dentist and their experience with dental crown implants. 

You might also ask for information about the equipment and technology used for the process. Most importantly, you should notice how the dentists and the staff communicate with you to find out whether they understand your problems and needs. 

Learn more about the different options among dental crowns that you should choose to preserve your smile. For a better understanding of the dental crown or cap, consider consulting with the best dentist in Dubai, who can guide you in choosing the best one for you. There are a lot of varieties on the market. Also, the treatment service for dental crown in Dubai may vary from clinic to clinic. Always choose the best service that gives you the experience and value that you are paying for. Say bye to your dental problems and bring back your beautiful smile with the best doctor in town!