Top 10 Automatic Rolling Shutter Manufacturers In Kerala

Roller shutters with a motor are known as automatic or motorised shutters. You can use a switch control or remote controls instead of manual operation. Because of their adaptability, automatic shutters can be used to create practical and well-protected rooms in a variety of locations, including residences, industries, enterprises, and warehouses. Energy-efficient solar power panels or an electrical connection can power the shutter’s opening and closing motors. Automatic shutters are typically made from aluminium, steel, or a mix of the two. They withstand bad weather extremely well and are fairly robust. A galvanised roller shutter is also more functional and long-lasting than a standard one., and the top ten automatic rolling shutter manufacturers in Kerala are listed below. Kerala is home to numerous manufacturers.


For over forty years, Glidemaster has been the top brand in the automatic rolling shutter industry. Since 1982, they have been providing specialized automated shutters and related goods. Their constantly expanding clientele is evidence of their proven skills. They were the most sought-after makers of roller shutters in Kerala, mainly because of their consistent performance. In addition to producing automatic rolling shutters with specific measurements, Glidemaster also deals in automated bollards, boom barriers, automated parking, automatic gates, and personalized automation. This implies that all of your automated needs will have a complete answer provided to you. Glidemaster’s automated rolling shutters don’t need to be maintained very often. It won’t need to be inspected as part of preventative upkeep on a regular basis either. Their state-of-the-art production plant guarantees that every automatic rolling shutter produced satisfies their strict quality requirements. Each product from their plant will undergo a thorough evaluation by their quality assurance team to determine its quality and functionality. As a result, they can guarantee that you will receive the highest caliber automated rolling shutter from them. 

Popular Industries

Popular Industries, one of the most venerable and well-established businesses in the rolling shutter sector, was established in 1970. They firmly believe in and consistently put the needs of their customers first. Their aim is to offer you rolling shutters for your house and office that are of the highest caliber, incredibly efficient, low maintenance, and aesthetically designed. With thousands of satisfied customers across India, particularly in Kerala, and with approximately 70% of their retail sales based on recommendations and repeat business, they are glad to offer references as proof of their business and merchandise. No other firm can compare to their commitment to customer service, which remains a top focus and the foundation of their operations. Every roller shutter transaction they do aims to be as economical, productive, efficient, and enjoyable for their clients as possible.

Insight Automations

Since its inception in 2012, Insight Automation has risen to become the industry expert and innovator in residential and industrial automation systems. Insight Automation has maintained a leading position in the importing, distribution, and installation of a variety of trouble-free and user-friendly automation systems. Insight runs a network of branch offices, primarily in Kerala, but also throughout South India. They offer automatic gates and doors, rolling shutters, garage doors, barriers, turnstiles, and equipment for traffic and parking control that is both reliable and reasonably priced. They are dedicated to providing the highest caliber of unmatched client service. Performing each assignment accurately the first time is of utmost importance to them.

LMT Automation

LMT Automation, which was founded in 2009, offers state-of-the-art entry and home automation solutions. LMT Automation has a track record of progressive success in entry and home automation spanning more than 12 years. They are experts at creating, producing, and implementing specialized automation services that adhere to the strictest quality and security requirements. It becomes their goal to provide the greatest service in the shortest amount of time when you entrust them with your property. LMT Automation provides a wide array of cutting-edge, superior services. They have a group of highly qualified and experienced support staff and developmental methods professionals. They use the Internet of Things to save you money, time, and energy. They make an effort to improve your life’s ease and quality.

Raam Shutter

Raam Shutter is a well-known business that manufactures and sells rolling shutters and is located in Thrissur. They are reinforced by a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals with an unrivaled knowledge of rolling shutters. They create unique solutions to assist customers in meeting their needs. Providing satisfaction to their clients is their key motto.

Chemmanoor Metals

The company was founded in 1975 and has over 40 years of experience in the engineering, custom job, rolling shutter, and automatic system manufacturing fields. Quality and client satisfaction are what the company stands for. Workers and management with extensive expertise are working tirelessly to meet the needs of the customers. They inspect the items at each stage of the process to prevent flaws. They provide quality at a low cost. Each product is produced in Kerala and shipped all throughout India. Their focus lies in establishing trust with their customers through the provision of a reliable product.

Miacasa Industries

PU sandwich panels, shingles, wood doors, rolling shutters, steel doors, and doors that are both fire-rated and non-fire-rated are all supplied by Miacasa Industries, one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Their manufacturing plant produces their products using cutting-edge machinery. Because of their superior quality and attractive designs, worldwide consultants, engineers, and contractors highly recommend their products. They have completed numerous projects throughout the northern region of India and the Middle East. They aim for excellence in all aspects of their business, including materials and products, customer support, and personnel and supplier selection. The materials that are supplied to clients are carefully chosen from reputable producers whose products pass stringent quality inspections and meet international standards.

Interglide Automation

Based in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Interglide Automation is a self-branded showroom with in-house research and development. They have taken every reasonable step to guarantee the quality of the materials and workmanship of the remote-controlled automatic systems that they supply. Every remote-controlled system comes fully loaded with capabilities that are available globally and is guaranteed to receive service maintenance for at least ten years following installation.

Delton Technologies

Based in Kolacherry, Kannur, Kerala, Delton Technologies is one of the top suppliers of automated solutions tailored to customer needs. Their products are tested to meet the strictest safety requirements and are simple to use. Their products are applicable to a range of home and business applications. In addition, they are a well-known manufacturer and supplier of rolling shutters. They are reinforced by a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals with unrivaled expertise in rolling shutters. They provide bespoke design services to assist clients in fulfilling their needs. 

Aswathi Engineering

Aswathi Engineering is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of rolling shutters, located in Omallur Kla, Pathanamthitta. Their competence in rolling shutters is unsurpassed, and they are bolstered by a group of highly qualified and experienced individuals. They create unique solutions to assist customers in meeting their needs.


It is crucial to consider high-quality solutions when looking for shutters. Make sure the shutter installation company you choose is reputable and experienced for the greatest outcomes. It is important to be specific in your queries and to examine customer reviews and feedback since these can provide you with information about the reputation of the manufacturer.